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still alive...

I'm still alive and well - I've moved in with my girlfriend, got a job (that, if I'm honest, I really don't like). Got an Xbox 360 (finally)

I seem to be on Facebook more than LJ now, so if you're there - say Hi :)


Peace out (or something a little more memorable, and a LOT less crap)

my b'day

Thanks You Lot for all the Happy Birthdays :D


Oh Hell


I'm 34 today.


Ah well, you're as old as the person you feel... makes me a couple of years younger then. :D



So, I've added P&S to the big cage with Hutch...


... went without a hitch. If fact, Hutch seems to be really loving having the company. Patty is following her around wherever she goes (I think Hutch has a surrogate daughter!)

Selma is a force of nature though... couldn't be more different - monkey bar-ing across the cage, bounding around all the time. It's great.

(I'm getting stared at by her right now!)

Overall, this could not've gone better. Honestly, I'm really, really happy.


Patty & Selma seem to be settling in nicely - I've had 'em both out and running up 'n down my arms.

Selma seems to be the more active of the pair, but Patty is starting to get lively as well - which, combined with their (lack of) size, means that keeping hold of 'em can be a little tricky at times.

I have a couple of pics on my camera, I'll post 'em tomorrow


I just tried my ebay-bought (even I'm not stupid enough to drop £30 on one of these) DS Browser.

And it's ok. I had to go to McDogburgers to get their free WiFi, other than that it performs pretty well all things considered. It found their connection first time and never lost it.

It's not as fast as you'd like it to be, but not as slow as I was expecting (tales of three minute connection times put me off a little). It's nowhere near that bad - maybe 10-20 seconds to connect to Gmail. Once there however, it's the full Gmail service and pretty quick (it's gotta start caching graphics too).


This isn't cold and heartless is it??

I just got a couple more rats - Dumbos! (grey and brown)

I think they're going to get called Patty and Selma (no guesses as to why)


R.I.P. Starsky - 1y 3m

I'll miss ya.


Happy Star Wars day everyone :)