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The musings of a (less) confused mind

The spirit is willing, but the flesh is spongy and bruised.

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19 June 1973

This journal contains language and content which some readers may find objectionable.
They can F*?K OFF and go read something about bunnies.

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I'm a Rock loving guy (with a hint of Tony Bennett thrown in for good measure).
I make Video Games for a living. :)

I say arse a lot. A LOT

I'll have a Southern Comfort with ice... Make it a double, thanks.

Monkeys make me laugh. Out. Loud..
Homer Simpson is one of my idols. As is Bender Bending Rodriguez. I'm a little bit 'Duckman' too.

I'm tempted to have Jedi as my religion. Why not? It's no worse than any of the others...

I'm the the proud owner of an iRiver H140 with 9046 songs on (as of 17-11-06)

I live in Nottingham - sometimes it's nice... sometimes it's not...

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mmm... Star Wars...

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